6th February 2020             Category

Why you just can’t sleep – Emotional regulation and Sleep hygiene

This article looks at how our emotional state affects our sleep and highlights just what we can do about it.

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4th September 2019                         Category

Can EMDR help with Social Anxiety?

EMDR has been shown to be an effective treatment for a range of Anxiety based conditions.  Here I look at how self-administered EMDR cured my own social anxiety.

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27th February 2019                            Category

25 unhelpful thinking styles and how to change them

Depression, anxiety and other problems can get maintained by changes in the way we think.  This article looks at unhelpful thinking habits and how to challenge them.

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17th June 2019                         Category

Can EMDR help with Depression?

EMDR is an effective treatment for Anxiety disorders.  This article looks at how it can also work with difficult memories that contribute to depression.

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