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Life Coaching is the solution for anyone who has a goal or ambition in life and wants to get there faster and better.  Different to therapy, Coaching builds upon your existing strengths and introduces new skills and strategies to build the motivation, zest and clarity to get the best from yourself, your team or your business.

Think about what your ideal life would be like.  Think about the kinds of relationships you would have, the career you would be working in and how you would be spending your free time.  Income, Health, Relationships and Wellbeing – all of these can be improved through Life coaching.  It’s all about learning how to flourish in life!


What it involves

Life Coaching Liverpool: Before you commit, we invite you to a free 30-minute consultation call.  Here you can discuss what you would like to achieve through Life coaching, tell us about yourself and hear about our approach to getting you to meet your goals.

If you’re happy with what you hear and want to proceed, we then book in our first life coaching session.  This can take place either face to face in Liverpool or by Zoom or phone to anywhere in the world.  In the first session we clarify your goals and develop a “case conceptualisation” – This shows us what is currently working for you, what is getting in the way and what we need to do to move you forward.

We base our coaching on an Acceptance and Commitment Coaching model.  This is an evidence-based approach which uses a range of 3rd wave cognitive-behavioural strategies to develop the psychological flexibility needed to get the best from your life.  We will teach you how to defuse from negative beliefs and self-talk, change your relationship to goal-defeating emotions and develop the mindful awareness to keep you committed to taking valued action.

“I’ve smashed through some of my biggest challenges and learned new ways to respond to self-limiting beliefs and emotions. I’m a better person in all areas of my life.”


Why choose us?

There are lots of Life coaches out there but very few have the extensive clinical background of Access CBT.  We build upon this background and use the best cutting-edge techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Coaching and Positive Psychology to drive you in the direction of what matters most.  In addition to helping you to reach your goals, we will also give you evidence-based skills and strategies that you will carry with you in all other areas of your life.

Flourishing is a huge concept in the world of coaching and positive psychology.  It’s made up of 5 elements:  Positive Emotion, Engagement and Flow, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (PERMA).  We will teach you how to develop and use these elements to unlock the door to your own personal development flourishing.

Its all about taking action – Nothing happens until something moves.  So, take the first steps today and call or email us to book in for your free consultation call.


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